Friday, October 31, 2008

American Idol, here she comes!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The ants go marching one by one...

or in our case, fifty by fifty!

Our annual winter visitors are here, but this year they decided to bring the whole colony and apparently our living room happens to be in their way. Instead of going around it on their trip to who-knows-where, they have decided to march a path right through it. I have swept, scrubbed, and searched for every hidden Cheerio and drop of spilled juice and have found nothing! They are coming in from under the baseboard at one end of the room, crossing over to the the area rug and following the edge all the way around to the other side where they cut across to the baseboard at the other end of the room and then disappear under it. It's quite a trek!

I kill them all at least three times a day, have sprayed poison and put stakes outside and even put poison out inside when we're not home and yet, they still march on. Savannah has made friends with them all and is at this moment trying to kiss them on the computer screen. I've taught her how to say "Die ants!" but I don't think she really understands what that means.

I might be able to just give up and accept their presence if not for the fact that I keep feeling like they're crawling on me - and sometimes they are! YUCK! Any tips on getting rid of unwelcome house guests of the insect kind?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautiful Ballerina

It's been awhile, but here it is...a new post. We've been a little busy lately and the computer has been in constant use, but for school not for fun. Travis is finally finished with his online class and lucky me, I still have a year and eight months until I finish BTSA (so that will bring my mandatory schooling to 3 1/2 years post-college with no additional degrees with only the possibility of a teacher's salary - what's wrong with this picture?), but at least now my assignments are almost caught up to where they should be. So, all that to say hopefully I'll be posting more frequently, though don't hold me to that - November is looking busy already!

This past Saturday was Creekside's annual Harvest Festival. It was a long day and was the culmination of lots of planning and shopping, but it turned out fantastically. Our ABC umbrellas definitely looked puny next to the 20 foot Cat in the Hat hat but our game was super popular with water-loving toddlers and Travis and Jeremy look stunning with their fancy hair.

Savannah wore her light-up ballerina dress Auntie Ashley gave her for her birthday and spend the afternoon dancing away. We lost track of her for a few minutes at one point (I swear Travis nodded when I told him I was leaving and he needed to keep an eye on her!) and we found her across the park at the bounce houses showing off her twirling moves to everyone over there.

She had fun at the "pumpkin patch" picking a pumpkin to decorate and then helping the ladies line back up the ones that had gotten out of place.

What a cute little pumpkin!

Daddy helped her decorate.

With only the possible exception of the bounce house she threw a fit about getting out of, Savannah's favorite part of the whole day was the CANDY. Someone (besides mommy :) ) has a sweet tooth! It wasn't long before she figured out how to take off the wrappers and every time we turned around she was trying to eat another piece. I tried...

I think Charlotte wanted a sucker too!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mini Thrills

I should have published this with the other post about Savannah's party, but I've been busy and a little behind. Better late than never though!

We wanted to do something on the 29th, Savannah's actual birthday, since her party was on the Saturday before. I knew that she wouldn't know the difference - it would just be a typical Monday for her - but I would know, and I still wanted to celebrate it. So, after convincing Travis that Savannah didn't want to go to Tony Romas for her birthday dinner, he decided her second choice would be John's Incredible Pizza Company.

After a lovely buffet of salad, pasta, and cheap pizza we headed over to the rides where Savannah went into super-hyper overload mode. The last time we were at either John's or Chucky Cheese's, she really was still to little and too scared to go on most of the stuff by herself and we're just a little too big to go with her. Well, what a difference a few months makes! Savannah wanted to go on everything and wanted to do it "myself" (her new favorite word after "no").

After tackling the frogs, rockets, horses, we headed over to the big one - the kiddie roller coaster. I was a little nervous to see how she'd like it; while waiting in line we watched a girl her age crying hysterically during the entire ride, but it turns out we have a little daredevil on our hands. She screamed for most of the ride, but it was out of excitement, and took a turn with both Daddy and Mommy. Little does she know that this is probably the biggest roller coaster Travis will ever take her on - he has sworn his days of petrifying (for him!) amusement park rides are over.

Luckily though, I've found my little roller coaster buddy!

It was a fun night and a birthday to remember...for us anyway, and she can always look back at pictures!

Here's a video so you can share in the fun, but be warned, my lack of computer video editing knowledge means that it's the entire ride. Sit back and enjoy watching us go around and around and around yet again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Savannah!

We now officially have a two year old in our midst! Even though her official birthday was not until the 29th, Savannah had a Sesame Street party on Saturday to celebrate the big day. She was thrilled, though I'm not really sure she knew that everyone was there just for her!

Lots of our friends and family came out the the park in Folsom where we BBQ'd and hung out in the beautiful, if not a little hot, weather (how often is it 95 degrees at the end of September?).

Since Savannah is obsessed with Elmo and Sesame Street, Travis thought it would be super fun to rent an adult-sized Elmo costume for the party...until we found out that it would cost about $300. His mom came to the rescue though and did a fantastic job of making Travis an Elmo costume from scratch.

Savannah loves people in costumes...from a safe distance...but even so I was a little worried about how she'd react to a giant Elmo showing up at her party. Like I expected, she was smiling at first but then freaked out a little when she realized that he was getting closer. With my mom to protect her, she let him stand next to her and even touched his hand. After a couple minutes though, she suddenly decided that it was time for him to go, waved him away with a "bye-bye." Despite her apprehension, he must have made quite an impression; for the rest of the day and anytime anyone has mentioned her birthday since (at church, on the phone with Grandma, after waking up in the morning...) Savannah tells all about "Big Elmo" who was at her party. Get ready kids, Big Elmo might make another visit at Halloween!

Unlike last year when she was pretty indifferent, Savannah was opening presents faster than I could read the card. True to her age, after about five seconds with one new toy she was ready to see what was in the next one.

She blew out the candle like a pro and everyone dove into the Elmo and Abby cupcakes.

We're so thankful for all the awesome gifts and for everyone that was able to come! You couldn't have convinced me last year, but I really understand now how much the first birthday party is really just for the parents. This year though, things were definitely different. Savannah had so much fun playing with all her little friends and actually participated in everything. I have to say, I think this year was mostly for her and only a little bit for us!