Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Ballerina

Partially in an effort to embrace and encourage Savannah’s love of dancing (well, technically, her love of spinning to music for an incredibly long amount of time before finally getting dizzy and falling over), and partially to re-live my years of dance classes through her, I enrolled Savannah this month in a Parks and Recs Tiny Tots ballet class. Let me tell you how much she loves it! I don’t think many days have gone by when she hasn’t talked about ballet or tried to practice what she’s learned. A lot of the class is hand motions and movement to fun kid songs, but the teacher is also really good about including some basic ballet skills and terms. Savannah loves to practice jumping out and then together and pointing her toes, and is super proud that she can get her feet into “first position” all by herself.

Here are some highlights and then a slide show at the end. By the way, how cute is she in her little leotard and ballet shoes (thanks Carly and Macy for letting us borrow them!)

Flying with their “butterfly legs.”

“Tickling” the sky.

Using a hula-hoop to learn to chasse'.

The favorite jumping out and then together.

Trying to point her toes.

I think we’re going to keep her in the class at least until the baby comes, or as long as she is having so much fun, so I’m sure more pics and maybe some video will follow in the future!


Carly said...

yay! so glad she likes it! are there only 2 girls in her class? if so, that is awesome.

daniella said...

Oh my word. Hi Bethany!!!! It's been forever. I can't believe that last we saw each other was at the Waterglen house. Isn't everyone married by now? How fast time flows by.

I'm so glad you found my blog and commented because I'd love to keep in touch through our blogs.

Your tiny dancer is just PRECIOUS. She looks so much like you! I can't wait when Charlie gets a bit older and hopefully will have an interest in ballet. She likes to shake some booty but doesn't like pressure, so we'll see.

And congrats on the upcoming babe! You're almost there...I bet you're ready for your epidural just about now.

Say hello to Travis for me. And thank you again for taking the time and leaving me some love :-)

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