Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Face Painting

In addition to the fashion show at “Babies and Bumps” there was also rooms full of vendors including a lady doing face painting. Savannah waited very patiently in line for her turn and then very seriously climbed up into the chair. She kept changing her mind on the design but was adamant that it needed to be purple. No surprise there. She took the order to “sit still” to heart and barely budged an inch the whole time. In the end she got a horse with a purple mane and was thrilled with the result. I was a little worried about what was going to happen when bath time rolled around, but surprisingly enough, she wanted me to wipe it off before she took her nap. Apparently the blur of colors on the wipe was him “sleeping.” Okay…fine with me!

Babies and Bumps

This post is a little out of order, but contrary to how I swore things were going to be different this time around, I’ve realized that I have very few shots of my growing belly. Just like with Savannah, somehow the weeks just keep moving along and I keep forgetting to take the traditional monthly belly pictures.

So about a month ago, when I was around 20 weeks, I participated in a fun little fashion show that was part of the “Babies and Bumps” event at the Maidu Community Center in Roseville. My friend Katie co-owns Bellybou’, a fantastic, super cute maternity/infant/toddler boutique in the Fountains shopping center across from the Galleria. They were one of the sponsors of the event and were participating in the fashion show. She needed some pregnant girls to model the clothes and I happily obliged.

Here I am with Katie (who is about 2 months behind me but is pregnant with twins) walking down the “runway” in our matching skirt/shirt combo. I don’t even look pregnant you say? Well, check out the following side shot…

And compare that to this picture when I was 5 months pregnant with Savannah.

If this trend keeps up, I may not even be able to stand at the end of this all without tipping over! I offer the following picture (where, I might add, I am 3 days overdue!) as proof:

And no, that’s a baby, not a basketball under my shirt.

Unicorn Curl

So Savannah has this strange self-soothing habit of twirling her hair when she’s tired, falling asleep, and even it seems while she’s sleeping. I guess it’s not so strange considering that she could be banging her head against the wall like I’ve heard about other kids doing, but with her already super curly hair, the piece that she twirls always turns into one big curl in the middle of her forehead. Every time she wakes up either in the morning or from a nap, her hair is crazy everywhere except for this one perfect curl.

Sometimes it sticks out from her head, hence its name, “unicorn curl”!

She is very proud of it and often admirers it in the mirror and points it out to us as she “boings” it. She sometimes even gets upset when it disappears after I spray her hair with water and brush it out.

And it’s also part of the reason why she almost never lets me put her hair in a ponytail or pigtails. If I do, I sometimes even leave that piece of hair out so she can twirl it without any problems!

Thankfully, with a boy coming along next I won’t have to deal with any of this hair drama. I thought I had enough issues with my own hair, but no, I had to have a curly-headed child to deal with also!

It's a BOY!

Since it’s been six weeks since we found out, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to most of you, but yes, we are having a boy! Travis and I went to the ultrasound fully knowing that we had a 50/50 chance of having one or the other, but I think we both fully assumed that we were having another girl. So much for my maternal instinct. I was just as shocked as anyone, and I found out later that apparently Travis was so surprised and happy he almost started crying.

Here’s the traditional profile shot,

and in this one he’s sucking his thumb. (Great…it looks like we may have another orally fixated child – Savannah is still seriously attached to her binky and at 2 ½ has yet to stop putting everything in her mouth…)

In this pic he has his mouth open, which Travis says makes him look like a dog. Nice. I remember him saying he thought Savannah looked like an alien, so I guess a dog is an improvement…?

And finally, his little boy parts.

He is definitely getting bigger and subsequently, so am I.

And yes, he does have a name, and in hopefully only 14 more weeks we will welcome Gavin Ames Cunningham into the world.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Sacramento Zoo...Again

I think I’ve been to this zoo more in the 2 ½ years since Savannah’s been born than in all of my previous 22 years of living in this area! She seems to love it though, and so this time we tagged along with Travis and his class on their school field trip.

And we finally took a picture in front of the “Savannah Snacks” snack bar sign!

This is the second zoo we’ve been to with a “Savannah” themed area. Here we are at the San Diego Wild Animal Park when she was 6 months old. That was a fun trip (we also went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World), but somehow I don’t think she appreciated it as much then as she would now…

After walking around the Sac Zoo, we ended the day with a late lunch in the park.

Tiny Chef

As a Valentine’s gift for Savannah, Travis read my mind and came home with a little chef outfit complete with an apron, chef’s hat, dish towel, oven mitts, and pot holder. Now, whenever she cooks her famous potato and lemon dish (which thankfully now has widened to a variety of other food choices), she has all the accessories!

This is her evil, crazed cook impression – she’s definitely got the wild hair and expression down pat!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We planned a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day this year and it turned out to be pretty fun. Because of the time and location of the dinner reservations Travis had made, we decided to take Savannah with us instead of driving far out of our way to drop her off and pick her up at my parent’s or a friend’s house. She loves to eat and always does really well at restaurants where food is involved, and that night was no exception.

We stuffed ourselves with a 3 course meal at Black Angus and of course still had plenty of leftovers (which of course Travis finished off for lunch the next day!)

Other than the huge piece of mud pie she got to share with us for dessert, Savannah’s favorite part of the night may have been tapping around in her fancy black shoes. Hmmm, do I foresee her following in mommy’s tap dancing footsteps?