Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3-D Ultrasound

In early June, when I was 31 weeks along, we decided to get a 3-D ultrasound. We had done one with Savannah and had thought that it was the coolest thing, and we were even more amazed this time around. It is so crazy how much the technology has improved in less than 3 years! With Savannah, we definitely could see her HUGE cheeks (you know your kid has chubby cheeks when multiple doctors and nurses, who see tons of these pics all day long are making comments about how big they are!) but the pictures we got of her were nowhere near as clear and defined as these. It really makes the fact that there is actually a baby in there seem so much more real!

It also blows my mind how squished they really are - these are his feet right up next to his face! In the 4-D DVD you can watch him trying really hard to get his toes into his mouth!

A cute little ear that I just can't wait to kiss!

He was moving around like crazy and he finally got his little finger into his mouth and was sucking on it while stabbing himself in the eye with this other finger.

We kept trying to figure out whose nose he has - from some angles it looks like mine and from others it looks like Travis'. He doesn't have the cheeks Savannah had though, in fact he doesn't really look like she did as a newborn at all!

He was wide awake with his eyes open the whole time and kept making funny little faces.

Here he's opening and closing his mouth, desperately trying to suck on anything he could - his feet, his fingers, the umbilical cord... If this is any indication, we'll definitely be using lots of binkys just like his sister, who, by the way, is still hopelessly attached to hers, though she can only have it now when she's sleeping. I'm worried that we may catch her trying to sneak a suck or two on his during the day!

Right now I am desperately uncomfortable, and looking at these pictures makes me even more anxious to hold him in my arms instead of just feel him beating me up from the inside out! Come on out, Gavin! We all want to meet you!