Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elmo LIVE!

Months ago, Travis had bought tickets to see Elmo LIVE! in Stockton, and by the time the day of the show came, we had almost forgotten about it. Though her new obsession right now is Disney Princesses and not so much Elmo anymore, she still wants to watch Sesame Street almost every day and was absolutely mesmerized by the show. Travis and I were actually pretty entertained too. It was a cute musical about Elmo's sunflower, "Sunny," and how, while trying to find him a good home in Big Bird's garden, Abby Cadaby accidentally said the wrong spell and made half of the characters as tiny as all the bugs and butterflies living there in the garden.

All of the main characters were part of the story and sang and danced their way through the hour-long show.

Savannah loved getting to eat cotton candy (and I loved getting to share it with her),

and she was really, really into the show. We could only take pictures of her, or even talk to her for that matter, during intermission because while they were actually on stage she wouldn't talk, look at us, or even let us clap or talk to her or each other. All the other kids were super loud and wiggly, but she sat silent and perfectly still in her seat focused on the stage the whole time.

Afterwards, we took a picture with "Sunny" and Travis bought her the soundtrack which we, or should I say I, still have to listen to in the car almost everyday.

It's worth it though to make this adorable girl so happy!